why vitamin b12 injections?

WHY VITAMIN B12 INJECTIONS? Vitamin B12 is vital for the adequate functioning of our digestive system and defends us against harmful viruses and bacteria. Vitamin B12 deficiencies affect the way in which our bodies use valuable energy. Stress, fatigue and 'brain fog' as well as reduced physical stamina are common side effects of vitamin B12 deficiency. The benefits of vitamin B12 injections in the treatment of these, as well as serious issues including dementia and panic disorder, have come to light within the past twenty years. Recently, the increasing popularity of veganism has masde B12 shots more popular than ever before. For healthy individuals, B12 injections benefits include an improvement in overall cerebral functioning as well as physical and psychological wellbeing.

As a moderate appetite suppressant, one of the other potential benefits of B12 injections is easier weight loss. They can be used intermittently and are a popular therapy for exhaustion, 'burn out', migraines and - of course - post-party nausea! Vitamin B12 injection benefits include a healthier cardiovascular system and for this reason, we always recommend a course of treatments to individuals who are looking to achieve maximum health and energy improvements. Indeed, it is evident that high concentrations of Vitamin B12 are an essential component of a healthy and active lifestyle.


An essential nutrient that keeps your metabolism in check, vitamin B12 is involved in regulating metabolism, aiding in the formation of red blood cells, and maintaining the central nervous system. Vitamin B12 is also required for the proper function and development of the brain.

Why Use Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is said to help with a host of health concerns. For instance, research suggests that vitamin B12 may preserve your eyesight as you get older, fight heart disease, aid stroke recovery, and rev up your defense against some forms of cancer. Other purported uses include to enhance mood, increase energy, improve memory, stimulate the immune system, promote healthy sleep, and slow the aging process.


The energy vitamin!

Vitamin B12 is a powerhouse. It helps make DNA, nerve and blood cells, and is crucial for a healthy brain and immune system. Your metabolism wouldn't run smoothly without it. But B12 isn't like other vitamins. It's only found in animal products like eggs, meat, shellfish, and dairy. Up to 15% of people don't get enough B12, and they're more likely to be vegetarians, have celiac disease or other digestion problems, or be an adult over 50. The signs of vitamin B12 deficiency include exhaustion, rapid heartbeat, brain fog, and other symptoms.


Fertility and B12 Vitamins

Doctors have reported successful pregnancies in once-infertile women following therapy for B12 deficiency, yet often, sadly, this deficiency is overlooked even by infertility specialists until women have undergone months or even years of unsuccessful treatment. As a result, many couples spend thousands and suffer disappointment after disappointment, when treatment with B12 injections might have solved their problem.

How vitamin B12 affects fertility

Researchers don’t know exactly why a vitamin B12 deficiency makes it difficult to get pregnant and carry the baby to term. The deficiency could interfere with ovulation or normal cell division – and even affect how the fertilised ovum is implanted in the uterine lining. Whatever the exact link is between vitamin B12 deficiency and female or male infertility, a course of B12 shots may improve the chances of getting pregnant naturally.


It's estimate that up to 20% of people aged 50 and over may be low in vitamin B12, with this deficiency becoming more common as people get older. It’s common, serious, and worst of all, commonly overlooked until it causes significant health problems. But if you know the symptoms and risk factors, you can help your parents get a vitamin B12 deficiency detected. Treatment is safe and effective, as long as you catch the problem before permanent damage occurs. Here’s what to know.